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Omission Neglect (2014)
By focusing only on the information provided in ads and not considering which details may be missing, we’re prone to making bad purchase decisions.

Outlaw Image (2013)
Ads portray destructive, irresponsible, sometimes illegal behaviour to attract young male consumers.

Princess Syndrome (2012)
Marketers attempt to transform your daughter into a princess so she'll be a rabid consumer happily ever after.

Product Provenance (2013)
In a globalized world, product provenance is a plastic concept, so marketers promote whichever source country has the most appeal to consumers.

Recycling (2005)
In spite of telling us how green they are, marketers are increasingly selling us throw-away products.

Scary Germs (2010)
Fear is a powerful motivating emotion, so marketers use it to scare you into buying all kinds of stuff you don’t need.

Sexualizing Pre-teens (2011)
Marketers entice children to dress and behave in sexually mature ways so they can start consuming adult products sooner.

Sexy Food (2009)
Even though too much of the wrong food can make you fat and sexually unattractive, food is being marketed in sexually alluring ways.

Smoking in Movies (2012)
Product placement of cigarettes in movies is far more powerful than ads, and it's targeted at young people.

Strategic Grammar (2014)
Sometimes marketers play with grammar to sound more casual or shock us into paying attention.

Tiger Lance Oscar (2013)
While some disgraced celebrities lose their endorsement potential, others continue to sell.

Third-Party Ads (2015)
Thanks to fixed election dates, third parties are running huge numbers of virtually-unregulated, pre-election ads. The intention is to influence voters as much as possible before the actual election period, when such ads will be tightly regulated.

Zed (2014)
When US marketers have an expensive product to sell to Canadians, they do a custom commercial for Canada. For less expensive products, they simply use an existing US commercial.

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