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Easter Marketing (2014)
Marketers are trying to transform Easter into a major retail event.

Eating Disorders (2011)
By encouraging us to overeat, feel guilty about being overweight, and switch back and forth between junk food and diets, marketers make money off us throughout our lives.

Enlightened Sexism (2012)
Marketers have started objectifying women again to attract male customers, only this time it's done with an ironic wink.

Euphemisms (2005)
How marketers are moving away from gentle euphemisms and using more graphic language.

Flag (2015)
While the Canadian government spent millions commemorating Sir John A. Macdonald and the War of 1812, it’s spending a fraction of that celebrating our flag’s 50th anniversary.

Goats (2009)
How international charities use “virtual” goats to get us to give at Christmas.

Gun Marketing (2013)
US gun control messages are vastly overwhelmed by pro-gun messages from manufacturers, lobbyists and entertainment companies.

Homoerotica (2013)
Counterintuitively, fashion marketers are using homoerotica to attract straight male consumers.

Hunkvertising (2014)
In an effort to attract Millennial women, marketers are using men as sex objects, just as women have been used for generations.

Kids' Obesity (2012)
Now that kids are addicted to high-sugar, high-fat foods, marketers are having difficulty selling low-sugar, low-fat alternatives.

Lesbians (2010)
One minority group is still being stereotyped and marginalized in ads.

Men’s Underwear (2015)
Male consumers are expressing discomfort with the sexy men in underwear ads, so marketers are changing their approach.

Millennial Drivers (2013)
You people feel so connected by smartphones and social media that they're choosing not to drive.

Multiracial Ads (2014)
No matter how balanced and representative the portrayal of race in advertising, some viewers just aren’t comfortable seeing people who are different from themselves.

Negative Political Ads (2013)
In spite of what we think of negative political ads, we respond to them. So parties keep using them.

Newspaper Reinvention (2013)
Rather than reinventing themselves for Millennials, newspapers make minor enhancements and hope for the best.

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