CBC Ad Guy Bruce Chambers

     “Forgive me, for I have sinned. I have encouraged you to buy more than you need and spend more than you have. I have encouraged you to link self-esteem to possessions and deplete the Earth’s resources. Now, I will tell the truth. I will expose the half-truths and manipulation. I will encourage you to live simpler, healthier, more responsibly. I will try to undo the wrongs I have done.”

     After a 30-year career as a copywriter, Bruce Chambers has seen the light. As CBC Radio’s Ad Guy, Bruce helps listeners see how advertising makes us feel inadequate, spend and borrow too much, make unhealthy choices, and act irresponsibly toward the environment.
     By deconstructing ads, exposing exaggeration, and pointing out unscrupulous techniques, Bruce empowers listeners to say, “No!” And each step of the way, he entertains with lighthearted satire and unexpected insights.
     The Ad Guy has been running on CBC Radio One since 2003. Check with your local station to see when each week’s episode is scheduled for broadcast in your area.